Our balers reduce labor and generate revenue for your recyclables. Ideal for supermarkets, retailers, hospitals, hotels, distribution centers, manufacturing plants and recycling centers. These balers will process and bale cardboard, paper, plastic shrink wrap, aluminum, plastic bottles, or rags.

A vertical cardboard baler is a type of recycling baler, which is a hydraulically-operated machine designed to compress a variety of soft materials into ‘bales‘, including cardboard, paper, shrink wrap, rags, bottles and even aluminum/tin cans. These vertical balers are ideal for smaller businesses which produce lower quantities of soft waste, like restaurants, offices and educational institutes.

Since these cardboard balers can be loaded, operated and unloaded by just one person, labor costs and processing time are reduced tremendously. Once the baler has compacted the trash, it can simply be tied with plastic straps or wire, and the reduced volume makes it much easier and a lot more cost-effective to transport on a forklift or truck.

Cardboard Baler


5070110 LBS.69″ x 29″3
V-4224450 LBS.68″ X 40″1.5 or 5
V-6030HD1,000 LBS.89.25″ X 50″10
V-6030XHD1,000 LBS.89.25″ X 41.25″10
V-7230HD1,200LBS.103″ X 44.5″10

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Please contact our office to discuss your application so we can customize one of the above balers to suit your specific needs. We offer layout drawings and savings analysis at no cost or obligation.

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document-pdf-icon 24 pixel5010-Edocument-pdf-icon 24 pixel3210document-pdf-icon 24 pixelV-6030HD/V-7230HD/V-6030XHD
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