Lease FAQs

Why lease equipment instead of purchase?
Conserve Your Capital : No down payments so your cash can be used for other purposes.
Tax Savings
When you select a lease plan with a fair market value purchase option at the end of term, your entire monthly payment is a deductible expense and can result in a larger tax deduction than if you were claiming a depreciation expense.
Overcome Budget Limits
Since lease payments are an operating expense instead of a capital expense, room is probably already in the monthly operating budget. Consider reducing your monthly haul bill by $500 with a piece of equipment that leases for $200 a month.
Cleaner Balance Sheet
Monthly “true” lease payments can be listed as an expense rather than a liability or a capital purchase.
Easy Application
Leases up to $75,000 require only a single page application.
Fast & Approval
Usually less than 24 hours after receipt of lease application.
100% Financing Available
We can include site preparation, installation and freight into your payment. Low monthly payments instead of a capital expense. You also have the option to purchase the equipment at the end of term, or replace it with a new one at the same monthly rate.
Flexible Payment Plans
We can customize a lease plan to your terms between 3 months and 60 months. You can put up a down payment to reduce your monthly payments to where you want them. $1 or 10% buyout options at the end of term available. You can even skip the first 3 months payments.

Please contact our office to discuss your application so we can propose a system to suit your specific needs.