Why Rent Equipment From Compactor Management Company?

Brand New Equipment Options are Available!
Reduce the risk of break downs, improve payloads and meet or exceed current osha & ansi safety standards.
Emergency Service
24 hour service is available direct to you at no additional cost.
Conserve Your Capital
No down payments so your cash can be used for other purposes.
Tax Savings
Your entire monthly payment is a deductible expense and can result in a larger tax deduction than if you were claiming a depreciation expense.
Overcome Budget Limits
Since rental payments are an operating expense instead of a capital expense, room is probably already in the monthly operating budget. Consider reducing your monthly haul bill by $500 with a piece of equipment that rents for $200 a month.
Cleaner Balance Sheet
Monthly rental payments can be listed as an expense rather than a liability or a capital purchase.
No Hidden Cost
Rental prices are fixed over a specified term and include all maintenance and emergency service as long as the equipment is used for its intended purpose.

Please contact our office to discuss your application. So we can propose a system to suit your specific needs.

Our Rental Customers Include:

  • Cost Plus World Markets
  • Oakleaf Waste Management
  • Carlmont Shopping Center
  • Home Depot
  • Delivery Solutions
  • Computerized Waste Management
  • Gaylord Container
  • Harrison St. Apartments
  • Burlington Coat Factory
  • Embassy Suites
  • West Coast Insulation
  • Home Goods
  • Hawaii Tire Disposing System
  • Marshalls
  • Garden Court Hotel