What is a Cross-Cut Shredder and How Does a Cross-Cut Shredder Work?

A cross-cut shredder features a set of cutting blades that cut documents diagonally from both corners of the sheet, resulting in diamond-shaped strips that render your confidential documents barely readable. This is why cross-cut shredders are highly secure and reliable as compared to average document shredding machines. Cross-cut shredders can be classified into different categories based on the particle size that defines the level of security they offer.

What Are the Features of a Cross-Cut Shredder?

  • Also known as confetti shredders, cross-cut shredders cut each sheet of paper in two different directions giving you a much smaller shred that typically ranges from 5/16″ x 3″ to 1/32″ x 3/16″
  • Cross-cut shredders can shred much more than paper-like confidential banking information, credit cards, social security numbers, sensitive medical records, CDs, DVDs, and DAT tapes.
  • A cross-cut shredder can reduce an A4 size sheet to approximately 400 particles and offers medium to a high security ( DIN P-3, DIN P-4)
  • Certain cross-cut shredders feature an embedded shredder that stops shredding immediately when a hand is close to the feed opening, ensuring the safety of your staff

What Are the Benefits of Installing a Cross-Cut Shredder?

  • The documents destroyed using a cross-cut shredder are hard to reconstruct
  • Certain cross-cut shredders incorporate continuous-duty motors that can run efficiently and consistently, needing very little time to cool off
  • Installing a cross-cut shredder in the office will eliminate the possibility of potential data breaches, identity thefts and avert costly litigation

How to Choose the Right Cross-Cut Shredder Machine and Maintain It?

Purchasing a cross-cut paper shredder is a great investment if you want to protect vital business information. Consider the following points to make the right decision:

1. Need

A cross-cut shredder is a great tool but what do you need it for? Do you want to shred credit cards, old tax returns, business documents or other personal papers? Depending on your needs, you may need a heavy-duty cross-cut shredder in an industrial setting.

2. Capacity  

Determine the size and the storage you need because cross-cut paper shredders are available in a variety of shapes and sizes depending on the amount of documents you need to shred daily. A continuous duty motor is an ideal solution if the paper shredder is expected to run non-stop. However, every machine needs some time to cool off.  

3. Power

Cross-cut shredders are designed for both light and heavy-duty use. So, whether you need to shred a few documents every day or a load of 12 pages in one go continuously, your choice should be based on the frequency and quantity of documents you need to shred to avoid paper jams and overloading.

4. Sensors

A feature-rich cross-cut shredder is designed to alert you if it has reached its storage capacity. Some shredders also feature special sensors that can easily detect a thick paper load or a potential paper jam and disable the shredder before it is too late. This feature may come at cost but it will save you hours of work down the line.  

5. Automated Oiling

Automated oiling is the best way to keep your cross-cut shredder up and running without having to do the oiling manually.

6. Casters

Casters make movement quick and easy so keep your eyes open for a cross-cut shredder that comes with casters as that will make using the machine much easier for you.

7. Warranty

This is the most important point to consider because warranty also means the paper shredder is high-quality, durable, reliable and you won’t end up replacing or repairing it sooner rather than later.

Cross-cut Shredder Maintenance

Keeping an industrial paper shredder in top shape literally needs just one thing – regular oiling! Depending on how often you shred documents in the cross-cut shredder, you may need to oil it anywhere between every 30 minutes to every time you empty the paper shredder’s bin. If you shed less frequently, oiling the paper shredder once in two months should suffice. If the shredder machine is squeaking, not working as efficiently as it does usually or seems to be jammed, busting out the oil may solve the problem. If you are the forgetful kind, a self-oiling shredder would make a perfect paper-shredding solution for you.  

Data theft can cost you millions. Keep your mission-critical information safe with an efficient cross-cut shredder. Compactor Management Company offers a wide range of industrial paper shredders that include high-quality cross-cut shredders to meet your daily needs of disposing of unwanted confidential data.   


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