What is a Micro-Cut Shredder and why is it Also Known as a High Security Shredder?

Essentially, a micro-cut shredder is designed to offer a higher DIN level for extremely fine shredding that meets the needs of National Security. This standard of security is required when it comes to destructing highly confidential documents that belong to the federal government, intelligence agencies or top military organizations. Micro-cut shredders are custom-engineered to meet the latest NSA/CSS specifications of 1mm x 5mm for destroying top secret documents, rendering them unrecoverable. These Level 6 security paper shredding machines are called high-security shredders because they completely eliminate the possibility of potential forfeiture of government contracts and investigations due to data breaches.

What Are the Features of a Micro-cut Shredder?

  • Micro-cut shredders can turn documents into dust with shreds that are 10X smaller as compared to other industrial paper shredders
  • An advanced micro-cut shredder is capable of shredding at least 9 paper sheets simultaneously into micro-particles that comply with security Level P-5 (5/64”x 9/16”).
  • Most micro-cut shredders come with auto-start and auto-reverse features to prevent jamming
  • Certain advanced models also integrate built-in technology that offers overloading and overheating protection
  • Ideally, micro-cut shredders have a continuous run time of 20 minutes and their shredding operation is relatively quiet

What Are the Benefits of a Micro-cut Shredder?

  • Eco-Friendly

Micro-cut shredders deliver minute shreds which means you need to empty the waste bin less frequently because the bin of a micro-cut shredder can hold 80% more particles for every gallon in comparison to other industrial paper shredders.

  • On the Spot Shredding

Having a micro-cut shredder in the office area helps get rid of highly sensitive information in a fraction of a second.

  • Reduced Waste

This paper shredder can reduce piles of paper to a much lower waste volume in a jiffy.

How Micro-Cut Shredders Ensure Data Security with High-Level Security Shredding?

  • Enhanced Data Security

Micro-cut shredders are your best bet when it comes to destructing confidential information or sensitive data. They can turn paper sheets into an unrecognizable mess before they reach unintended users.

  • Increased Protection

Micro-cut shredders completely eliminate the threats of identity theft or data breaches as you no longer need to rely on a third-party agency to discard unwanted confidential data.  

What Factors to Look at While Finalizing a Micro-Cut Shredder?

The options available on the market for micro-cut shredders can make it downright overwhelming to decide on one. Consider the following factors when evaluating different models to arrive at your best choice.

  • Shredding Capacity

Different micro-cut shredders have different capabilities when it comes to shredding several sheets simultaneously. While some can shred 17 sheets of paper simultaneously and run for 20 minutes nonstop others can shred 12 sheets at a time and accommodate 6 gallons of waste in the bin. So analyze your needs beforehand and invest accordingly.

  • Security Level

Mirco-cut shredders are high-security shredders that generate the tiniest bits of waste and hence make an ideal solution if you are dealing with highly classified and sensitive information. So if need to dispose of information in the most discreet manner, micro-cut shredders are your go-to paper shredding solution.

  • Ease of Use

Make sure the paper shredding machine you choose is easy to use, manoeuvre, and maintain.

  • Noise

If you need an industrial paper shredder that operates without making a loud noise while providing the highest level of protection, then you should invest in a micro-cut shredder.

Looking for a safe and efficient micro-cut shredder with a higher rating and a good continuous run time? Browse through our inventory of robust and reliable industrial paper shredders and make the most of your investment.

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