What is a Strip-Cut Shredder and how does it Work?

There are many different kinds of industrial paper shredders available on the market but the most widely used commercial shredder is the strip-cut shredder. You can find this paper shredder machine almost everywhere from stores and offices to banks and hospitals. A strip-cut paper shredder efficiently turns office documents into countless thin strips that are typically about 1/4″ wide. This is the most basic industrial paper shredder designed for everyday paper shredding of non-sensitive documents.

What are the Features of a Strip-Cut Shredder?

  • A strip-cut shredder is designed to reduce paper sheets to strips that typically vary from 3/32″ to 1/2″
  • These shredders are fast and efficient at shredding documents so if you want faster shredding, the strip-cut type should be your go-to option
  • It contains fewer moving parts and so it works well even with little maintenance
  • Strip-cut shredders use a single set of blades and this makes them much faster as compared to other industrial paper shredders of the same size
  • They are cost-effective with most models offering Level 1 or 2 security

What are the Benefits of a Strip-Cut Shredder?

  1. Cost-effective

    Strip-cut shredders feature a simple mechanism with fewer moving parts which makes them relatively cheaper to produce and more affordable as compared to other industrial paper shredders.

  2. Reliable and Durable

    Strip-cut shredders experience fewer breakdowns even with less maintenance because they employ few blades and moving parts. Certain paper shredders also come with safety features like jam buzzers, reverse, and automatic shutdowns to prevent repairs and replacements.

  3. Greater Capacity

    Strip-cut shredders can shred multiple sheets at a time and handle up to 40% more paper sheets than other industrial paper shredders can.

  4. Reusable Materials

    Since strip-cut shredders produce neat, thin strips of paper, the waste materials can be reused for packaging purposes, as compost, for kindling a fire or as filler material in animal bedding.

Points to Consider Prior to Purchasing a Strip-Cut Shredder

If you are planning to purchase a strip-cut shredder, consider the following points when making your final decision:

  1. Speed and Efficiency

    If you are looking for a fast and efficient industrial paper shredder then choose a strip-cut shredder because it turns paper sheets into a bunch of strips in a jiffy.

  2. Feed Rate and Bin Capacity

    Smaller paper shredding machines have lower shred capacity and smaller bin. If you are buying a strip-cut shredder for commercial use, make sure you go for an industrial paper shredder with a capacity that ranges between 12-24 sheets and delivers a shred speed between 16-33 fpm. A good bin size varies between 9-39 gallons.

  3. Maintenance

    The only maintenance that a strip-cut shredder need is an occasional oil changing so if you are looking for a paper shredder machine that gives you less stress, then you should consider investing in a strip-cut shredder.

  4. Security

    If you are handling highly confidential information, then a strip-cut shredder may not offer you the desired level of security but if you are looking for an industrial paper shredder that offers Level 1 or Level 2 security then a strip-cut shredder makes a low-cost and long-lasting solution.

  5. Materials it can Shred

    If you need your paper shredder machine to shred credit cards, memory cards, or CDs, then make sure the machine you choose has the capacity to handle and shred such materials.

  6. Safety

    Safety is a big concern when it comes to offices and that is why certain strip-cut shredders incorporate sensors that shut off the paper shredder machine when they sense that fingers are too close to the blades.

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