Roll Off Self Contained Compactors are factory tested to assure leak proof construction, reduce haul frequency by 75% and are ideal for high-liquid content waste generators like supermarkets, hotels, malls, restaurants, hospitals, schools and apartment complexes.


Compactor Management Company offer fully-sealed, premium quality self-contained compactors that are engineered to last. Fitted with security chutes, open hoppers, drive-on decks, hydraulic cart dumpers and enclosures, self-contained compactors can be firmly installed onsite for convenient operation. They make for an ideal investment for wet applications and granulated materials that leak during separation and transportation. Designed for applications where space is a constraint, a small self contained trash compactor can reduce the volume of wet refuse without jamming or leaking.

Whether you run a fast food restaurant or a supermarket, our products feature superior quality workmanship and a robust design to give you the following benefits:

  • Minimal Maintenance
  • Switchless Operation
  • Long Service Life
  • Durability & Reliability
  • Leak-Proof Units
  • Long-Term Value

Our newest models are available in different capacities to suit your unique needs. We are committed to manufacturing rugged and reliable waste management solutions for our customers. Contact us for prompt turnkey installations and professional after-sales service.We serve Fremont, Bay Area, San Jose, Oakland, and surrounding areas.

  • Marathon RJ-88SC compactor with a 1 cubic yard charge box, 5 horse power motor & container capacities available from 10-30 cubic yards.
  • Marathon RJ-100SC compactor with a 1.5 cubic yard charge box, 10 horse power motor & container capacities from 15-30 cubic yards.
  • Marathon RJ-250SC compactor with a 2 cubic yard charge box, 10 horse power motor & container capacities from 15-39 cubic yards.

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Please contact our office to describe your application so we can customize one of the above compactors to suit your specific needs. - We offer layout drawings and savings analysis at no cost or obligation.

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