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The debate on computers and how they affect the environment especially regarding the disposal is still on-going. Computers have taken over the world. They have revolutionized how people work, how they communicate and so much more. They have been incorporated into just about every human activity with a myriad of benefits. They have augmented productivity in homes, government offices and businesses alike. There is no wonder then that how they may negatively affect us is constantly being looked at, particularly where e-waste is concerned. Recycling is one of the things that can be done to curb waste.

3 Advantages of Recycling Computers

With new computer models coming out almost on a yearly basis, most people find themselves having an old computer just sitting idle in their house or office. One of the best options you have, since you can’t send your old computer out with your regular trash, is to recycle it. By doing so, you will be keeping this particular waste material from going to the landmines, which is great for the environment and the community as well. Here 3 advantages to consider:

  1. Preservation of Natural Resources – When you recycle your computer, you reduce the number of new items that will be used to make newer models. The reason for this is that there are many different components in these old PCs that can be utilized when making the newer models. Both glass and plastic from old PCs can be used.
  2. Local Community Support – Computer recycling can benefit the community quite a bit. When refurbished, they can be of use to charitable organizations, low-income families, and even schools. They may not be able to afford new models, so this will go a long way in making sure that your local community has access to technology.
  3. Job Creation – You may not have thought of this, but e-recycling may be a good way to create job opportunities in your locality. These computers are often sent to electronic recycling plants that are local for processing, which leads to job creation.

Individual Recycling

There are many opportunities for you as an individual to carry out recycling of computers. To begin with, you can give them to charities that may sometimes be able to offer a tax benefit. You should also consider sending them back to the company that originally manufactured them or even to an agent who carries out refurbishing and recycling. You may also be able to find a manufacturer that offers a service for a free replacement when you are buying a new Personal Computer. You may also find that they buy different brands of broken notebook computers and laptops that are working.  Many of these companies practice PC recycle. Online companies like e-Bay are a great place to resell your computer if you are looking for a competitive, self-managed and safe portal. A company that leases computers out also has great potential for reusing and recycling computers.

Business Recycling

A company, especially a large one that has to deal with a lot more waste may be faced with a process that is a little bit more complicated. If they had purchased all the equipment from one manufacturer then they may have the option of sending it back, but if it had come from multiple manufacturers, then a 3rd party contractor is ideal. Many such companies will be happy to pick up the equipment, remove all your data and then give you an estimate of its value. If the hardware is valuable and is in excess, the companies will be happy to purchase it from you.