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Recycling is gaining momentum of late, which is a really good news since it helps in protecting the planet and benefiting it in a number of ways. Let us see how recycling is great for us and our environment.

3 Ways Recycling Benefits the Environment

  • Saves energy and resourcesA lot of energy and resources are used up in processing raw materials and turning them into new products. If you choose to recycle, you help in reducing the usage of energy and resources.  Even though recycling various materials requires energy, it is considerably less than what is required for processing raw materials. For example, recycling steel uses 60 percent less energy and recycled plastic uses 70 percent less energy than what is required for making steel and plastic from scratch using raw materials.
  • Saves forestWhen you recycle paper, you will have a direct effect on how many trees are being cut down. Saving trees mean saving forests. A huge number of trees have to be cut down for manufacturing paper from scratch, so when you recycle, you help in preventing the cutting of trees. Instead of throwing out waste paper and old newspapers, send them for recycling instead.
  • Decrease landfillsA large amount of trash that is generated mostly ends up in a landfill. By recycling, you divert the trash from the landfills to the recycling centers, where it is converted into something reusable. Thus, the amount of waste filling up the landfills will decrease tremendously.

What Can You Recycle

    1. Aluminum and Steel Cans

Soda cans and some food products such as canned tuna or baked beans come in aluminum or steel cans. Save them instead of throwing them out. Crush them and send for recycling.

    1. PET Plastic Bottles

Identify the different types of biodegradable plastic bottles that you have and send them for recycling accordingly. You can also reuse them as plastic water bottles that you can carry around while you are on the move.

    1. Paper

Collect old newspapers, magazines and paper products such as packaging or paper bags that you no longer use. Recycle them as gift wrapping paper or create newspaper braids that you can use for kindling the fireplace.

    1. Corrugated cardboard

Cardboard makes up for a lot of packaging material. Break them down and send them to your local recycling facility so that it can be recycled into newer packaging material and other cardboard products.

    1. Glass containers

Glass containers are the easiest things to reuse. Instead of throwing them out, you can use them as water bottles that you can easily carry with you even when you travel. You can also use them as flower vases or other storage containers in your kitchen.

    1. Electronics

Discarding e-waste can be quite tricky but not impossible. There are laws that prohibit you from throwing away your computer monitors and mobile phones as they contain items that have substances which can be really harmful if they are not disposed of properly. Complying with e-recycling laws may cost you a small fee but it will go a long way in protecting our environment and the planet.

Make recycling a habit and ensure that the recyclable materials avoid the fate of ending up in the landfills. Don’t think that recycling is a tough path to follow, take the first step and the rest will fall into place. Try to reduce waste, prevent it from going into the incinerator or landfills and use recycled products regularly. By doing so, you will become a part of the solution instead of the problem.