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The fact that solid waste in schools is fast increasing cannot be overemphasized. This is attributed to increased population in schools. If you are a school manager or a city-county waste management coordinator, discover simple yet effective procedures of managing solid waste in your school.

Teachers and students can also be part of these approaches to rid their environment of undesirable waste. After all, many states require that all schools manage their solid waste efficiently.


Requirements for Recycling Solid Waste

Starting July 2012, the state of California demands that schools and institutions that produce more than four cubic yards of waste must implement recycling strategies. This requirement seeks to divert commercial waste into the state’s expanding recycling plan. The general objective is to cut greenhouse gas emissions.

To comply with the law, you can take advantage of three solid waste management options. The first is a self-haul system while the second is subscription to haulers to do the job for you. The other option involves entering into an arrangement where a company picks up all recyclable material at your institution.

Other regulations surrounding the management of solid waste in California include-

• Public Resources Code- sections 42620 to 42622
• California Integrated Waste Management Act
• Senate Bill 373
• California Education Code – sections 3170 to 3276

The above regulations recommend schools to manage solid waste by-

1. Buying recycled paper
2. Revisiting specifications on procurement to eradicate the bias against recycled paper
3. Buying paper with biggest postconsumer waste
4. Stop buying paper that is deemed as potential contaminant


Benefits of Waste Reduction

Educational institutions in California alone account for 562 442 tons of waste every year. If unchecked, the trend can cause unprecedented damage to the environment and a huge threat to people’s health. While the statistics present a worrying loss of nature’s resources, you can play a pivotal role in reducing the effects.

You can start by enforcing a stringent waste reduction approach. In addition, let your school review its daily operations. Evaluate the educational, environmental, and socio-economic benefits of waste reduction. When you implement an effective approach, your students will learn environment-based lessons at the recycling plant. Some of the benefits of this re-evaluation include-

• Reduced costs of disposing solid waste
• Increased safety and health of students and staff
• Diminished liability and costs of purchasing materials
• Improved general efficiency of the school expenditure

The Trash Compactor- An Easy Option

The outdoor trash compactor is a simple yet effective device that could prove key in collecting and recycling common solid waste such as wrapping paper, plastic, and foodstuffs. It looks like the ordinary rubbish bin, only that it compacts the trash at the point of wastage.

You should invest in the trash compactor, as it eliminates the need for emptying the can. Interestingly, it reduces the
number of trash liners needed by eight times. It is ideal for use in cafeterias and other concession areas.
Other waste management options

Additional Equipment that your School can use is:

1. SmartPack Trash Compactor- this stainless steel device is easily installed in all maintenance areas. Examples are points where families assemble for sporting activities and for meals.

2. Vertical Baler-
this machine compacts cardboard effectively, making it easy for transportation and recycling. While it occupies a small area, it produces results fast. Schools can make money selling the recyclable cardboard to dealers.

3. Outdoor Trash Compactor-
this option eliminates the undesirable sight of dumpsters overflowing with stinking refuse. At the same time, you get to reduce the trips made by pickup trucks to haul trash from your school compound.

When you utilize the above management equipment, you will effectively rid your school of unsightly solid waste.