Did the thought of teaching sustainability to your kids ever occur to you? If not, then it’s time for you to think in that direction. Looking at the environmental hazards and climate change that the world is facing right now, it’s vital to imbibe the sense of maintaining a clean and green environment in our future generations.

But how to do that? This post will make it easier for you. Following is the list of 15 fun and engaging sustainability activities for kids. Hopefully, you and your kids will enjoy doing these activities together!

1. Bifurcation of Trash

Teach your kids to separate the trash based on recyclable and compostable waste. Label the bins accordingly and make it like a puzzle or game. You can keep scores and give some small rewards to keep their interest alive.


segregation of trash

2. Clear Trash From Neighborhood

Kids will realize the importance of clean surroundings by cleaning the garbage in the neighborhood. They don’t need to do that dedicatedly. Tell them that whenever they see littering of wrappers or trash cans anywhere, they should pick them up and dump them in the bin.

3. Tell Them the Story of 3 R’s

Tell your kids about the 3 R’s, i.e., “reduce reuse & recycle,” as a story or a song. If your kids know about recycling, reducing trash, and reusable materials from an early age, they will definitely be an asset to our planet when they grow up.

4. Gift Them Sustainability Books

You will achieve 2 goals by gifting sustainability storybooks to your kids. First, they will develop a reading habit. Secondly, they will learn about various innovative ways to be eco-friendly. Some of these books contain exciting stories and illustrations.

5. Shopping From Local Market

When you shop locally, you save the environment from habitat loss and pollution. Introduce this concept to your kids via a flow chart or diagram. Teach them how much they can contribute to the economy and sustainability by shopping from the local market.

6. Do Gardening With Your Kids

Gardening with kids

Kids realize collective existence through gardening. Indeed, they will enjoy playing with green plants, clay pots, and the black soil. Make a small or big garden with your kids and watch them getting closer to nature every day.

7. Create a Green Home

You can take pride in living in an eco-friendly apartment by making small changes here and there. Replace your fluorescent light bulbs with energy-efficient light bulbs. You can also get a low-flow showerhead. Don’t forget to keep your kids involved while making these changes.

8. Plan Volunteering Weekends

It’s common to plan a beach picnic on weekends with family. You can include a beach clean-up exercise along with your picnic once in a while. You can also opt for park maintenance with your family in the holidays. These weekend sustainability activities will keep kids excited and entertained.

9. Engage in Recyclable Crafting

Teaching kid sustainability activity of crafting with recyclable products

You must’ve heard about best from the waste art. Create a piece of art with your kids from reusable materials or things that can be recycled, such as bottle caps, empty boxes, shopping bags, paper towel rolls, etc.

10. Ask Them to Save Water

Explain to your kids that they can contribute to saving water by not keeping the water flowing while brushing or not taking long showers. Educating them about water with the help of pictures and videos is one of the most effective sustainability activities for kids.

11. Explain the Concept of Carbon Footprint

Tell kids about how greenhouse gases are generated by simply driving a vehicle and using a thermostat. Ask them to come up with ways on how they can control it and become more eco-friendly. You can also calculate the carbon footprint of your family online.

teaching sustainability to kids with fun activities

12. Preserve Rain Water

Kids are happiest when the rain starts. They often want to play in the rain. Give them the purpose of filling buckets and containers to collect rainwater. This water can later be used for household work and watering the plants.

13. Recycle Paper

According to the Global Forest Resource Assessment, approximately 80,000 to 160,000 trees are cut down daily worldwide. Most of them are used in the paper industry. Ask kids to make their own paper with waste paper pulp. You can find the method of recycling paper online, or you can enroll them in a class. It will increase awareness about the importance of recycling amongst kids.

14. Build a Small Worm Farm

While most of the grownups don’t like the sight of worms, kids love them. They want to touch them and see how they move. You can create a worm farm with your kids in your garden, backyard, or in a small planter. This eco-friendly activity will teach kids to take care of the environment.

15. Take a Walk in Nature

Go for a walk in the garden or take a hike in the forest with your kids. Going outdoors and exploring nature is the best way to make your kids love the clean and green environment. They will always try to maintain greenery and eliminate trash from their surroundings.