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How to Fix Your Trash Compactor

Trash compactors are a great investment because they compress trash for easier disposal. The simple way of describing what it does is that it places trash in a compartment and forces all the air […]

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    Seven Reasons Why a Garbage Compactor Wins Over Open Garbage Bins

Seven Reasons Why a Garbage Compactor Wins Over Open Garbage Bins

Companies that use open garbage bins to dispose of their waste end up contaminating not only the air, but the overall look of their business. Granted, the open bin is one of the most […]

Why Should Every Business Have a Baler?

Efficient management and storage is one of the most important things when it comes to waste processing and recycling. These days, the law has put a priority on the proper disposal and management of […]

Cardboard Baler – 1 Small Investment, 3 Huge Returns

The Investment:
A cardboard baler is designed to compress and compact waste cardboard pieces and boxes into convenient bales that take up less space. These waste management machines come in several shapes and sizes to […]

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    How to Decided whether to Purchase, Lease or Rent a Cardboard Baler

How to Decided whether to Purchase, Lease or Rent a Cardboard Baler

Cardboard balers are increasingly proving to be very beneficial assets for businesses across the board today. These machines literally cut waste and waste handling expenses down, while opening up new opportunities for added revenue […]

Choose a Location for Your Baler or Compactor

What is a Baler?

A Baler is a machine that is used to bind and compress large volumes of material into round or rectangular shapes. The compressed material is referred to as a bale. Materialis […]

4 Easy Steps To Start Your Own Scrap Metal Recycling Business

Have you considered starting a scrap metal recycling business? Although this is a capital-intensive business, requiring between $2,000 and $10,000 of start-up capital, and you’ll need to have a lot of technical knowledge, it’s […]

Bottle Recycling

The importance of bottles cannot be emphasized enough in the world today. It makes holding, transporting and the packaging of matter easy and convenient. With that said, there has to be a responsible way […]

Go For Green Initiatives 

Going green in the home and in the workplace is a great way to save the environment and enhance your green credentials. Providing eco-friendly services is about the environment before you think about profit.
If […]

Advantages and Disadvantages of Glass Recycling

Glass is a wonderful substance. It can be recycled over and over again. The good thing about glass recycling is that the glass retains its quality. Cullet, better known as domestic glass, is the […]