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Earn Extra Gains From Recycling Cardboard Waste

The waste produced by grocery stores and supermarkets is more today than ever before. If you own or operate a grocery store and are not recycling cardboard effectively, you are missing out on huge […]

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    Trash Compactors and Your Business: Understand their Importance

Trash Compactors and Your Business: Understand their Importance

Compactors are machines that reduce the physical size of a given material through compaction. Trash compactors are designed to compress and compact trash into small and dense packages that are easier to handle, store, […]

Your School Needs Effective Solid Waste Management

The fact that solid waste in schools is fast increasing cannot be overemphasized. This is attributed to increased population in schools. If you are a school manager or a city-county waste management coordinator, discover […]

Recycling Equipment: Benefits of Buying, Renting or Leasing

Companies that regularly recycle on a large scale have a decision to make. They need to figure out whether they need to buy, rent, or lease their equipment. There are advantages and disadvantages to […]

Different Waste Stationary Compactors for your Industry

Proper waste disposal is critical for just about every industry. Today, landfills as well as other waste disposal facilities are filled to capacity giving rise to new waste management challenges. Different industry players are […]

Compaction Equipment in Today’s World and Its Importance

What is compaction?
Compaction refers to the act of compacting or compressing matter unto itself, hence reducing its physical volume without affecting its mass.
Need of Compaction Equipment
Compaction is a mechanical intensive process that will require […]

Why Every Business Needs a Baler?

Governments all over the world are keen on enforcing laws that protect the environment. One of the ways of achieving this is through efficient waste management. It is not surprising that recycling, sustainability and […]

How to Fix Your Trash Compactor

Trash compactors are a great investment because they compress trash for easier disposal. The simple way of describing what it does is that it places trash in a compartment and forces all the air […]

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    Seven Reasons Why a Garbage Compactor Wins Over Open Garbage Bins

Seven Reasons Why a Garbage Compactor Wins Over Open Garbage Bins

Companies that use open garbage bins to dispose of their waste end up contaminating not only the air, but the overall look of their business. Granted, the open bin is one of the most […]

Why Should Every Business Have a Baler?

Efficient management and storage is one of the most important things when it comes to waste processing and recycling. These days, the law has put a priority on the proper disposal and management of […]