Running on eco friendly business ideas reduces your impact on the Earth’s environment and also reflects your commitment towards protecting and preserving the planet. What is unknown however, is that an eco-friendly business saves you a lot of money. Now, let’s find out how…

The Bright Future of Green Business

You can get an established business with a brand and a loyal customer base already in place by starting an eco-friendly business. The future is clearly looking green right now.

Here are 7 Eco Friendly Business Ideas for Eco Entrepreneurs

  1. Organic Clothing Lines

    Having a “Green Fashion Sense” is in vogue nowadays with many reputed brands declaring themselves as an eco-friendly enterprise. This “Green Fashion” trend encompasses organic clothing made from hemp, jute, bamboo, soy and similar natural fibers. Many people are also looking to have a “green wardrobe” to lead their fashion sense in the teens.

  2. Herbal Cosmetics

    With people becoming increasingly conscious about what they eat and wear-it is only obvious that they would be precautious about what they choose to apply on their bodies. There has been great demand for natural cosmetics in recent times. This is seen with the increasing preference for organic beauty products over chemical-laden cosmetics.

  3. Recycling and Waste Management Equipment

    Everyone has rubbish they want to get rid of-particularly e-waste nowadays. Old televisions, computers, laptops and batteries are harmful to the environment if left alone. Recycling outdated electronics has become a thriving business with everyone wanting to go green with as little hassle as possible. Many entrepreneurs go door to door collecting unwanted electronics for recycling which earns them a decent sum.

  4. Green Transportation

    Green transportation such as cycling or using public transport or pooling cars is on the rise hence the large influx of bicycle restoration and manufacturing companies. Cycling doesn’t sound that bad anymore, does it?

  5. Organic Farm and Retail Products

    Those of you with gardening or farming skills stand to make a lot more money now; more than ever. This is due to the increasing demand for natural foods such as fruits, vegetables, and even livestock in a world that depends largely on GMO’s for survival. Many entrepreneurs are going a step further and setting up organic catering companies.

  6. Green Landscaping

    Green landscaping has become all the rage nowadays as people want to have a garden comprising of native plants that are water-friendly and require minimum maintenance. Who knew gardening could bring in the big bucks right?

  7. Designing and Developing Eco-Friendly Buildings

    Eco-friendly buildings are designed to adjust to the natural environment. These green buildings conserve natural resources, use less energy, and are relatively healthier and more comfortable for the residents. Getting into the Eco-Friendly real estate is not a bad idea.

Changing with the times is crucial to survival and prosperity, so I hope these 7 business ideas help you change with our times and meet market demand in an eco-friendly and profitable way.