Glass Recycling

Glass recycling is environment friendly and comes loaded with tons of advantages, some of which are mentioned below. Ponder over these and think twice before you throw a glass bottle in the trash bin.

How Environment is Benefited?

Glass is non-biodegradable. Glass items disposed off at landfill will consume unthinkable amount of time to be broken down. In the process, the piling masses of discarded glass will poison the soil and reduce its fertility. In stark contrast, glass meant for recycling is injected a fresh lease of life within a month. Rubbished piece will appear as recycled glass countertops on store shelf in its new avatar after leaving the recycle bin.

Integrity is Not Lost

Glass items are completely recyclable and can afford the pressure of constant recycles. Recycling does not deprive glass of its quality and purity.

Efficient Process

Every new glass item essentially is composed of recycled glass. Any given glass container will have a maximum of 70% recovered glass. Industry pundits’ assessment says that 80% of glass obtained from recycling turns up as brand new glass items in its wake.

Conservation of Natural Resources

Glass recycling contributes immensely in conserving precious non-replenished raw materials. An estimate says that a ton of recycled glass saves equivalent quantity of raw materials required to manufacture new glass. This involves sand (1300 pounds), soda ash (410 pounds) and limestone (380 pounds).

Energy Conservation

Manufacturing process of glass entails exposing sand and other raw materials to a colossal temperature of 2600 degree Fahrenheit. This in turn demands high amount of energy and also paves way for industrial pollution to a great extent. Glass recycling process initially requires old glass to be crushed into a pulpy product named cullet. Preparation of recycled glass countertops and other items require lesser energy to the tune of 40% over preparing glass directly from raw materials. The low melting point of cullet induces this phenomenon.

Glass Recycling is Beneficial

Glass decor

The fact that glass is manufactured from natural products like limestone and sand makes glass containers exhibit very minimal chemical interaction with stored contents. Consequently, use of recycled glass is absolutely safe. Recycled glass serves multifarious purposes ranging from creation of decorative tiles, landscaping substances, recreating eroded beaches to being an indispensable part of new glass.

A Simple Process

Recycling glass is not a complicated procedure. The property that glass can be recycled with absolute ease without involving additional hassles, bestow the simplicity on the process. Glass meant for recycling is widely accepted by nearly every curbside recycling programs and municipality run recycling centers. If you desire to get rid of your old glass containers etc, you only need to carry them in the recycle bin to the recycling centers at curb. Alternately, you can dispose off your discarded glass containers at a collection point in close vicinity.


Many US states have provisions in place wherein you are offered cash refunds if you take the initiative to dump your glass containers at nearby collection centers. This will serve as an additional incentive through which you can make a few extra bucks just for aiding government with its glass recycling programs.