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It is often the case that even though a large commercial space has taken green initiatives by placing appropriate containers for recyclable and non-recyclable waste, people tend to overlook those and just throw the rubbish in the handiest bin. This is a persistent problem in hotels, shopping malls, restaurants, offices, and even on the streets and parks. The reasons for this are that the majority of people lack respect for the environment and that today’s world is moving so fast that everyone is always in a hurry and therefore throw their trash and recyclables away into the nearest bin without thinking twice.

Recycling Bin to be Noticed

It is not feasible to hire someone to watch over a slate of bins at all times. Even if someone could watch over certain bins they will not be present at the spot at all times. Also, many people would be irritated if they were told where to put their trash and recycling, even if it was done politely. As of now there are not many great options to help civilians better recognize where to put their trash and/or recycling. Putting the different disposal bins in convenient places for customers and putting up posters with quirky images or witty messages above recycling bins are ways to help guide people to do their part in protecting the environment.

Aesthetically Pleasing Recycling Containers

Taking up green initiatives has not only become economical and conscientious on part of an organization, but also gives them an edge of modernity and progressive thinking. Most American organizations have adopted recycling as a green initiative, which has made a lot of difference. In fact, recycling containers have been transformed into stylish bins to look aesthetically pleasing in offices, hotels, and shopping malls. Some companies have taken up wise initiatives to place the appropriate bins in the appropriate spaces; for instance, placing a paper recycling container near the coffee machine and printer.

Labeling Recycling Containers Smartly

Most customers visiting your premise judge your waste bins for assessing the green initiative adopted by you. Therefore, placing the recycle bins properly offers a constant visual reminder to the guests. Further, this must be very evident so that even those customers who are apathetic at least make the effort to follow the rules. Labeling also offers clarity to persons who are not familiar with the concept of color coded bins (foreigners for instance), so that they do not commit a blunder unknowingly.

Grabbing their Attention

When guests or customers first arrive on your commercial premise, the recycling containers with neat labels must be prominently placed to catch their attention. This way the customers are immediately aware about the organization’s practices. It is also extremely essential to motivate the employees to use these bins correctly as they will be the leaders of the initiative and constantly in the line of sight of the guests.

The Costs and Return on Investment

The initial investment of purchasing recycling containers that are aesthetically pleasing can be higher than the usual dustbins, but they will pay off in the long run. Apart from the benefits offered by the government and the CSR perks, these bins will also reflect well on the organization in the eyes of the public. Moreover, segregating the rubbish at the end of the day will be a much more expensive affair than having them sent out segregated.

Green initiatives are necessary for multiple important reasons and large organizations are not only encouraged, but suggested, to take a lead since they generate the maximum waste.