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paper shredderWorried about identity theft?

Misplacement of top-secret company information?

When you are a business owner that documents all its dealings meticulously on paper, there’s a chance that the there might be a lot of paper pilling up in your company over time, no matter how efficiently you run your business.

Even though you might be satisfied in doing your bit for the environment by getting rid of the useless mountains of paper by giving away piles of paper to a recycling unit or to an industrial paper shredder service, there’s a huge chance that you might be making very confidential information about your clients accessible to the public.

That’s why, you should always use an industrial paper shredder in your office first. Here’s why it is infinitely better to have your very own industrial paper shredder as a business owner rather than outsourcing the piles of paper.

You don’t have to worry about security because:


You as a business owner are in full control of when and how you shred your documents. This means that you can double check what information you are destroying and contemplate its importance to your work before it’s gone.


Because you might be dealing with sensitive information that your clients trust you with, it is important to assure that the documents don’t get into the wrong hands before you dispose them off.

With an industrial paper shredder at your service, you can ensure that the documents are being handled by employees, you can trust and have your company’s best interest at heart.


As a business owner, it is important for you to pick the industrial paper shredder best suited to your needs.

At Compactor Management Company, we provide three different types of shredders.

  • Strip Cut Shredder which has a single set of blades and is the fastest shredder.
  • Cross Cut Shredders which has two sets of blades. The advantage of having this shredder is that it offers better security by shredding paper finely.
  • Industrial Shredders are best for high-volume shredding, especially when it needs to be done frequently.

Industrial Paper Shredder will Boost Your Company’s Efficiency

Buying an industrial paper shredder will boost your company’s efficiency in many ways:

  • You will not waste time coordinating waste and recycling management of your sensitive documents with an external company, since you (or your employees) are handling the process.
  • Buying the right paper shredder will also mean it is energy and fuel efficient. A shredder will compact the documents so you can give them out for recycling easily.

One Time Cost

Outsourcing your shredding may seem cheaper for the first few times, but it will be more expensive in the long run.

Depending upon the size and quality of the machine, the shredder can last you for around a decade with proper upkeep. This means that you can save a great deal of expense in the long run.

No Extra Pick-ups During Busy Times

Having your own shredder means you can shred your documents immediately without additional cost, without waiting for an external company to pick them up and give you solace that the documents are being shredded.

Having your own industrial paper shredder means you are doing your bit for the environment. Shredding and recycling paper means that you are protecting trees from deforestation.

Other than that, you are saving yourself and your clients a great deal of worry by making sure there is no chance that sensitive information might be leaked to someone by shredding documents yourself.

The more your clients trust you, the better business prospects you have.