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Cardboard balers are increasingly proving to be very beneficial assets for businesses across the board today. These machines literally cut waste and waste handling expenses down, while opening up new opportunities for added revenue for both large and small businesses. A waste material baler is a machine that helps streamline the course of waste collection and processing by effectively compressing the matter into smaller bales which are compactly easy to store, haul, ship and recycle back into useful products.

Cardboard Baler

Cardboard balers are specifically designed to deal with waste cardboard boxes and assorted pieces which are undoubtedly the most common commercial packaging and shipping materials. Understandably, cardboard wastes are often a source of headache to businesses that have to deal with the huge volumes of cardboard wastes which they inevitably have to acquire.

Fortunately, the cardboard baler has the ability to squeeze down the volumes of cardboard into nicely compressed compact bales, which take up a fraction of the area they would otherwise have consumed while whole. Cardboard baler machines, just like most industrial equipment, can be procured in three ways: through purchasing, leasing or renting.

With an appreciation of the value and importance of a cardboard baler to a business, many business owners are often faced with the challenge of whether to buy, lease or rent one of these machines. Which is the best and most sensible option? Well, it depends on a number of factors which vary from business to business, thereby making all the three options valid and beneficial choices for different situations.

Purchase Option

The outright purchase of any item usually means that you are getting the most out of that item in terms of its cost. Purchasing a cardboard baler will certainly be a great return on your investment if you can manage the whole cost at once. The benefits of the machine are not in debate, more so if you are to consider how it opens new revenue avenues from the sale of the baled cardboard to recycling plants. This is obviously much better than throwing the cardboard boxes and pieces in dumpsters as is, for clearance to dumpsites and landfills.

Lease Option

Leasing to own the cardboard baler means that it will eventually be yours as an asset and that is a valuable thing in the long run since these machines are quite hardy and longstanding equipment. For those whose businesses cannot manage a lump sum investment, leasing the equipment and ensuring that the monthly fees are maintained in full for the agreed period ensures that you ultimately own a cardboard baler in the end. What’s more, taking a lease on the cardboard baler means that you get to enjoy the benefits of this equipment right away, and actively take part in the ongoing efforts of conserving the environment.

Rent Option

Renting the machine is an ideal option for those businesses or companies that are not fully in a position to completely acquire the asset, but still wish to gain from its benefits. There are many reasons why owning equipment is not always an option on the table for certain businesses or organizations. It could be that the company is not yet committed on the size of equipment to take on; another reason would be a situation where the premises involved are also rentals and thus temporary; or it could simply not be within the company’s corporate philosophy on equipment acquisitions.

Best Option?

Whichever method you decide to settle on, one thing that is certain is that the best option has already been made, and that is to get a cardboard baler for your business. The financial benefits of acquiring this machine outweigh any associated costs, and its impact is far reaching with implications of a greener world.