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Tips to Keep Commercial Waste Odor under Control

Dumpsters have sure helped with effective waste disposal since its advent in the 1930’s. But the one thing they have not been able to eliminate is the terrible smell that garbage bags sustain.

For some establishments, the smell is more obvious on hotter days or when the dumpster is not closed. Restaurant and supermarket managers don’t have it easy either. They often deal with terrible garbage smells due to the large amounts of food waste disposal. However, with a few simple steps businesses can bring commercial waste odor under control.

Here’s a Look at the Ways for Effective Trash Disposal:

  1. Use Odor Neutralizers

    Odor neutralizers provide solutions for odor control and air purification. They electronically produce ozone from the oxygen in the air without the use of chemicals. They operate independently and only require occasional cleaning and maintenance. Since they host electrical and electronic components to generate ozone, they use small amounts of electricity.

  2. Use Chemical Agents

    A variety of chemicals, clay car litter, and lime powder are powerful enough to eliminate odors inside dumpsters. Lime powder is an effective and cheap solution, but you need to be careful while handling it.

    It can cause skin irritation and respiratory problems if not handled with care. Clay litter is another inexpensive solution which is safe to use. It won’t irritate your skin and absorb both odors and liquids.

  3. Seal Your Garbage Bag

    To prevent your garbage bag from smelling, seal it up properly using plastic garbage bags. Garbage bags come in different sizes, thickness, and have varying closure types. Your first priority should be to select garbage bags with a thickness of at least 2 mils.

    Things like size and closure types are a matter of personal preferences. Thin bags are more suitable for smaller trash and are not going to be able to survive the stress placed on them when they are put in the dumpsters.

  4. Keep Containers Dry from the Inside

    Toxic odors are often a result of microorganisms. To keep your dumpster free from these problems, make sure you keep it dry as often as you can. Provide your dumpster with plenty of fresh air so that no moisture or bacteria get a chance to be trapped in.

    Let in plenty of fresh air by keeping the doors of the dumpsters open. You might also want to keep the top lid on the unit open to air it out for several hours each day.

  5. Break down the Food into Liquefied Waste

    Rodents and other pests are able to detect food odors even if the bags are sealed. But once they know where the bags are, it’s only a matter of time until they tear up the bags. If your business produces a large amount of food scraps and non-edible items, it’s important that you dispose it off at regular intervals with the help of a commercial food grinder before you flush the liquid waste into the drain.

    For an effective waste management program to be put into place, all members of the organization need to play an active role to make those significant changes possible.

At Compactor Management Company, we provide tailored waste management plans for businesses. Contact us to find out how you can take a conscious step towards better business.

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